About Us

Biopharma International in its 34 years of existence has committed itself to the customers and pharmaceutical companies which have entrusted us with the distribution of their products in the wholesale and retail sectors. Support from the caliber of our human resources, innovations, technologies, strict quality controls and services has made us a leader in distribution with a presence in more than 74 countries.

For over 30 years, we have been helping patients gain access to their medical necessities around the world. Our existence is based on helping pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies make their products to patients available wherever they live while achieving it in a professional, uncomplicated and speedy process.

While pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical innovators continue to launch new products and therapies we strive to give them the infrastructure to get these products to where they are best utilized and most needed. We have partnered with a growing number of healthcare companies helping them benefit the world. 

We have extensive strategic locations in many markets allowing us to go to great lengths to deliver the appropriate and quality product as quickly as possible for those who most need them.

Biopharma International’s exceptional and thorough logistic models allow us to operate from within the target markets, facilitating service and expanding access to meet demand. As a result, doctors (and their patients), pharmacies and healthcare organizations are served in a fast, reliable and compliant manner allowing the companies we represent to do what they do best and innovate health for all.